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January 29, 2016



Hoping tomorrow is a great day for you, Jo Ann. Such a great family photo!


Oh, and I can definitely understand the angst of the waiting. We go through that too with my husband's scans. It's agonizing and not many distractions really seem to help.


Damn cancer!! I can't begin to even imagine how difficult the waiting is. I would be anxious and jumpy, no doubt, and would probably get a bit grumpy, but that's just me. You have my heart felt support from afar, I just wish I could sit across the table and listen to it all.

And give you a big hug.

Praying for you, the situation. For life and health. I believe.

This photo is fabulous!!! Talk about joy!

Leslie McLeod

So glad to read your report. That is absolutely wonderful! Now you can get down to some of your planning that you do so well. Great picture of the fam.

KK - Sarah

JoAnn, I will always be ready to hear you talk about "this stuff." I find your posts very interesting. Sometimes even funny! So glad you had a good summer, fall, and holidays.

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