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June 25, 2015



You are a hero, you're here - and your story is important.

I'm glad that you've learned much along the way, and can share it here.

We've never met IRL but I'm so hopeful for a "CLEAR" message again - I believe in prayer and will continue to pray for you.


P.S. I meant to say:

I'm so sorry this ever happened to you.


your grandchildren are adorable :-)


You are and will always be a winner!


Five years! Incredible... Your post flooded my eyes with tears. You have been so brave( well...most of the time!!!) during this horrible awful fight. You have loved every precious moment of your grans growing up and I know for a fact that it made you the saddest when you thought your time with them would be so short. So. Lady Dearest....keep on fighting and I hope as time goes by that fight will be less wearing. Love you!


Am catching up with posts, and was so glad to hear the "CLEAR" word! Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, and that I look forward to seeing you in the fall. It's fortunate that you are so close to Laura and the comfort that children can bring. xo


Jo, what a beautiful post! Can't imagine the constant worry. I'm always sending supportive caring vibes your way.


Thinking of you, praying for good results ... sending a hug.

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