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May 23, 2014



yes Joann.........cancer SUCKS...


I totally agree ... it SUCKS.

But you are showing it who's boss.

We are cheering you on.

Biddy Kehoe

I hear you....


Happy Belated Birthday Laura. My youngest was born on May 22 also but in 1974!


Yes it does. But you don't! Sending calming thoughts your way.

laura g.

yes it does!!! as a breast cancer survivor, I HEAR YOU!! I was finishing up my Herceptin, the next to the last dose was to be March 6th. I was dealing with shortness of breath symptoms and my oncologist was sending me for echocardiograms. On March 5th I was sick of being short of breath and went to a walk in clinic, was hooked up to an EKG and found I had was in complete heart block! the signals from the top of the heart weren't connecting with the bottom. I was rushed to a major medical center 70 miles away by ambulance and in surgery for a pacemaker within 4 hours! not what I had planned. I do feel much better, but I did have quite a pity party for myself a few times...adjusting to "another rotten thing"..but I am feeling much better and did finish my Herceptin treatments March 31st! the silver lining to this rotten cloud was that I was off work during Spring Break and able to watch my grandkids..something I would not have been able to do without the pacemaker emergency! My oldest daughter lives 400 miles away and came with her daughter...she said "Mom, you really have to stop doing this STUFF to get me to come visit!" whatever works, dear!!

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