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January 26, 2014



this looks so good, you doing?? lots of snow,we had freezing temps for a few days..snow is on the way again..its been like a Winter from my younger days:) I am happy for the ski resorts and snow plow removal companies..they have had a sad few years..we celebrated our 44th Anniversary..dinner out..:) I am decorating for Valentines Day..since I'm not going out much,its March I turn the old peoples age,thats what I tell my husband and family:) Looking forward to Spring and seeing all the bulbs I planted in bloom..hugs and love,j xx


Oh JoAnn, that's one of my very favorite recipes of Ina's. Although it's so good and rich I don't make it very often. Wish I'd seen this before I sent to the grocery store or I'd have bought shrimp. Wonder how it would be with roasted monk fish?

I see Judy mentioned above that this was like a Winter from her younger days, well, certainly not mine, but I hear my husband, who was born and raised in this area, say the same thing. As for me, I'm loving it. I'm at the point where I don't have to get out and go to work, Jeff has a good snowblower that he's finally getting to use, and the most treacherous thing I do is take photographs from the windows, deck and front porch!

Glad you're feeling better and getting things done!


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