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January 10, 2014



VERY cool! Glad to read about your plans and purchases. Sorry, though, about the busy work the flooring brings about. Such is life :-) Enjoy the new laptop!!


it will all be worth it when the rooms are finished,then you'll have time to "sigh" and catch your breath JOANN...hugs for you xxxx,j:)


Great news on the Clear Scan, the Carpet, and the new laptop! Glad you're keeping busy. BTW, did you get the new car you were talking about several months ago?

Just curious!


Hope the changes are getting done and you aren't getting to tired out JOANN..On the 17th Tom and I celebrated our 44th anniversary..its amazing how time does fly..I can't wait to see our 50th year..wonder how decrepit I'll be in 6 years:)...still hanging in there how about you? xxx,j

Joan Burgomaster

I too just purchased a MacBook , a Pro. It is humbling how different it is from my old and probably virus-infected Dell with Vista and from my iPad. I wanted a laptop and wasn't about to buy one with Windows 8. Vista was bad enuf! Joan

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