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December 07, 2013



Good Morning! so nice to see you in my Feedly reader.

Your tree is so pretty!! I'm so happy that you are able to do such a lovely task. Now gift wrapping, that's not so much fun :-)

I am praying for you and will pray in advance for your scan coming up next month.

laura g.

way to go!! do not give cancer another minute of your life!! take control! i am still doing treatment every 3 weeks for breast cancer..a drug called Herceptin that makes me tired for much easier than that nasty's supposed to give me a 70% chance that the cancer won't return...i, too, struggle with the thought of the cancer popping up again...but i am trying not to let that interfere with my life..hugs to you! and i love, love your tree!!

Lynn M. Smith

Good Afternoon JoAnn,

Just checking into your blog to see what you how you are. Looks like you are way ahead of schedule for Christmas. Must be
Charlie and Clara that keep you motivated. Keep feeling good!!

Love You,


Absolutely gorgeous!! Wishing you joy & peace this holiday season! Still praying...


This is a beautiful tree! Good for you!


Love your tree - just beautiful! And good for you! Throw caution to the wind, decorate and wrap with abandon, it's Christmas. Not last Christmas, not next Christmas, but THIS Christmas. And all is well.



sitting here watching the snow tree is lit(finished yesterday) unless I find more and looks pretty against the snowy decorated windows...your tree is pretty too JOANN...good job..keep strong my friend..xxxx,j


Beautiful--and beautiful that you were up to doing it.

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