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October 28, 2013



Just discovered your blog after reading one of your comments over on Lisa B Adams' blog. I hope you get to return to your beach house next summer. I'm glad you got to spend some time with family.
I live in a neighborhood that is a mix of year-round residents and seasonal residents. Our seasonal ones are getting ready to depart soon as it gets colder here too.


What a beautiful photo of the shore. I'm glad you had such a fine day before having to leave. I choose to believe (and hope) that you will return next summer, fitter than ever. But I realize it's much easier for me, from my vantage point. I'm not in the middle of it all. I hope that these "chores" of packing up will bring you satisfaction and that the process will go smoothly.

praying for you over here ...

p.s. I read with delight your daughter's post about **news** :-)


Halloween is almost over...third year with no kids...the grandgirls handed out candy at their house..they are changing..and braces..Beautiful beach picture.take care my friend...It has poured today and last night too..In the 60's..I think Laura's news is sweet..the kids and mom and dad will love a new puppy...xxxx.j

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