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October 18, 2013



Good morning from Zurich! I used to get the Lang calendars, back in the States - I loved Susan Wingett (I think that is her name). Enjoy the lovely images as you plan your year ... may it be a wonderful year ahead with many good things, precious events and of course lots of happy times with your darlin' kiddos.


a 2014 calendar/planner has a good sound to it.I just added next years dentist appoinments:)...only 67 days till Christmas,I know,I counted JOANN..,remember I will be 62 on March did I manage that? enjoy every good moment ...Love you my internet friend..xxxx,j


Atta Girl!


Don't you just love new calendars? They are all so beautiful, I always want to buy several just for the lovely photos/art work. I always think I'll frame some of them once the year is over, but I never do. Then, when we moved, I had stacks of old calendars to do something with. I probably tossed a lot them.

Be confident. Fill your calendar with special dates and plans. That's all any of us can do.

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful fall weather. Are you back in PA?


I love that calendar and I pray that you can order the one for 2015 this time next year. Having recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, I totally understand how you feel about long range plans. One day at a time for me now as chemo, a very aggressive protocol, starts for me next Monday. Stay well and keep on writing, you inspired me Joann!



Fill that bad boy up. Everyday write one gratitude in the remaining space. Fill it up with life. :)

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