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August 22, 2013



Great photos - and it sounds like a wonderful summer!! thanks for sharing. Your grandkids are such smile-bringers -- I'm smiling as I sit with my coffee staring at the screen! Cheers, and have a great weekend.


Adorable photos! Glad you're having such a good time. Can't believe how much the children are growing!

Biddy Kehoe

What a lovely photo essay! They are gorgeous and I know that they are a source of constant joy! xo

Paula Foley

I think Clara is "a card" as my grandmother would've said. Lovely, happy pictures, and the two of them are growing so fast! Thanks for sharing.


Kids are pure joy. So thankful every day for that. Charlie and Clara are just gorgeous. It's amazing how much their personality shines through, even though I've never met them. I see Charlie is into Planes already - that's next on the list for Simon (he's our little Cars obsessed boy).


you wrote it perfectly,grandkids are unending Joy...I have grandgirls Autumn will be 16 and will be driving on her own in September,in October the twins will be 12..I sometimes miss those innocent days when they were little...((((JOANN)))) everyone

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