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July 28, 2013



Good Morning! I have always loved "green" scents. I like EA Green Tea very much and always spray it on when in stores; funny thing is I have never bought any for myself. Must rectify this soon :-)

I have been wearing "Pure" by Donna Karan this Spring/Summer. My favorite is her DKNY which, BTW, they discontinued in the States but I can still get it over here. A friend asked once at a counter what the key ingredients were: Orange blossom, Vodka and Cilantro. mmmmm.

I hope all is well in your corner of the world.


I learnt years ago to use the good stuff, but it still takes practice actually doing! A couple of years ago I finished an awesome smelling body cream and went to buy more only to realise it was a limited edition. I'm still waiting for them to bring it back!!

Jody Vance (AmeliaJake)

For decades I have used the same soap and scent because I was once told how powerful smell is. I always wanted to be sure that if my sons were ever injured and unconscious, my scent would reach through and say, "Mom's here."


For some reason your post reminded me of the little book, "Love, Loss and What I Wore." It got me to thinking about the scents that were "mine" at various stages in my life. Now, I've practically stopped wearing any at all. Almost no one I know (except old, I mean really old ladies - no one in this present company, of course) wears any either. And I do believe I miss it.

I think I'll go down and spray on a touch of Chanel No 5 before I go to the grocery store!

Good to hear from you and to know that you are spending your time creatively while in PA!


Gail bailey

Joanne you sound great. Seems that good ole salt air, children and especially grandchildren make life perfect. Miss you. Love gail


I have to say, I have never liked perfume (even magazine inserts!) and with chemo I find myself unable to tolerate them at all. Stargazer lilies are the worst for me.

Wondering if you were sensitive to smell during chemo too... I make sure never to put on even a lotion or anything with scent on days I go to oncology or hospital in case someone is going through chemo too...

The power of smell is a strong one indeed. Nice to have something that gives you pleasure. Even small moments of joy are important in the midst of unpleasantness. xoxo


hello my friend Joann..Here we are into August already..time fly's if you're having fun or the too:) xxx.j

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