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June 14, 2013



Gosh, you sound great and upbeat. You must have some improved energy if you are going to keep Charlie for a few days. Charlie and Clara are so cute, and I wish I had her hair! So good to see a new post!

Today is David's 25th anniversary of his quad heart by-pass, and we are glad he is still here! I am in the bed with strep and mycoplasma (pneumonia) - a gift from one of my grandchildren. They are so thoughtful.

Will be thinking about you and hoping for great results at the end of the month. xoxo


gosh I love seeing an update from you Joann,love the beach photos:) Charlie is getting so handsome and Clara is either of them remind you of Laura when she was their ages? I find myself wanting to call Autumn,Tommy once in a while..Am I regressing? :) Have a wonderful time with Charlie..xox,j

Just glad that you are posting. Miss you


So lovely. I can't quite get my head around beach pics, as we are the opposite weather wise. Love those beach outfits - perfect for summer!!


Good Morning! I love seeing this photos - the kiddos are getting so big. What fun to have them with you at the beach. *hugs*

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