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April 28, 2013



Sounds like a busy and fun time. Glad you're going to the beach - slowly! Lots to do and plenty of time to get it done. No need to tire yourself out. Charlie's birtday party sounds like a lot of fun. I saw the video Laura put on her blog. Sweet!

So good to hear you sounding like this! Keep it up!



Oh my, look at how Clara has grown!! They are so adorable, and Laura too :) I look forward to your posts from the beach, thinking of you there. I'm sorry about the fatigue. I am jealous you have seen your grandchildren, JoAnn. So incredibly jealous. I hate cancer for us both.

Paula Foley

What a great time! Clara is adorable with that mischievous (sp?) look on her face along with the frosting. And Charlie is alternately gleeful and quietly joyful. I am so glad you'll soon be at your beloved beach. I'm sure it will be a place of great strengthening for you this summer! The air and the water and the peace...

Love, Paula


Wonderful to see this new post - actually I saw it earlier in the week but had to leave and couldn't comment right away- now I'm back, a few days later. It makes me happy to read about going to your beloved beach, as Paula calls it - I haven't "known" you very long but I realize that preparing for the move to the shore represents a measure of independence, and that makes me so very glad for you. Even if you are tiring easily, you are doing it and I feel proud like a mama.

Charlie and Clara are so sweet and truly darling. The photo of your daughter with Clara just makes me grin.

thanks for sharing - praying for you as you take baby steps forward. Take good care of yourself and God bless :-)


hello J,how is Isaac doing? wonderful pictures of your family,Charlie and Clara are growing so fast..Wonderful to see your post..good to know its almost beach time..its been pretty here the last couple days,Spring bulbs are now blooming,getting so pretty outside..and the weeds are thriving,granddaughters are suppose to help this weekend..XOX:),j

R. Honey

So glad you are going to the beach. The grands are so lovely. Mostly
I am so surprised that Clara is a kid...seems like she was just born!
As usual your pictures are wonderful...beautiful!

JoAnn Kirk

Yes, my babies are people now!


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Love that you still have lunch with your high school friends. I've been considering a gym party for Brian. The thought of his little buddies in our house all at once terrifies me!

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