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March 10, 2013



Good Morning from Zurich! It's Monday and I should be downstairs tending to my laundry but instead I'm noodling around my Google Reader. Delighted to see you again talking to us :-) thanks for the book recommendations. I am DE-LIGHTED that you are able to read. What a pleasure it is, for sure, to loose yourself in a book.

I recently read The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry - it was a lovely book and I think you might enjoy it. There is some sadness to the plot, but very meaningful IMHO.

have a great week !


You do find the most interesting books! Glad you are able to enjoy them again. In fact, that's tremendous news! The last one looks particularly like something I'd like. I'll check them all out though. Thanks for the heads up!


Becky O'Neil

Joann I am so encouraged by your update. I too have not been into reading since chemo I did not have it as bad as you I too could not focus tho.... So really happy for you I am going to try the #2 book ---hugs to you!


Wow, it is SO GREAT to see you are enjoying reading again. Yippee! This makes my day.


Hi JoAnn, so happy you are able to read again, I know how that is when you feel rotten and can not concentrate and I know how much YOU LOVE to read. I have read two great books recently, The Light Between Oceans my M.L. Stedman and The Snow Child A Novel. Try those if you have not already read them. Happy reading and keep on feeling better.



That's great that you are able to read again. The first one has caught my attention but my reading these days is limited to school notes and CLifford! = )

Mary Ann Morrison

Hi JoAnn - we could have a book board here! I've added your choices to my list for future purchases - I'm glad you're able to read again, one of our lives' biggest pleasures. Takes us away from all of this :)
much affection, Mary Ann


It's truly wonderful that you can catch up on your reading. Not sure if my latest read would be your cup of tea - I have just finished The Fifth Assassin by Brad Meltzer - conspiracy thriller regarding the 4 presidential assassinations and linking them to an attempt on current President - this is fiction but if you like history - you will enjoy this book.

Regardless of what you are reading - there is nothing better than a good book and a cup of tea.

Enjoy your reading and good luck with your recovery.

Susan Manson

Being able to concentrate enough for reading is a huge and wonderful thing!

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