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October 12, 2012



I didn't watch, since I live such a distance away, and didn't want to go to the trouble of youtubing or watching in the middle of the night on CNN International. Sounds like I didn't miss much. I hope the distinctions between the two candidates are clear to all.

and on the bright side, it sounds like it was a diversion for you!

Bless you, JoAnn - I think of you so often and hope that each day you experience a bit of improvement. At the very least that you feel a bit of strength returning. Sending you a hug, a smile, and my prayers and hopes.


OMG, Joann - you were reading my mind. All of us thought he looked mentally ill! Obviously, Diane (above) doesn't know what a fool Joe Biden is... Sounds like this was a humorous distraction for you. Anyone who votes for those two bozos deserves everything they get and more. Hugs!!! L,M


His teeth are indeed fake (all capped). I know his dentist. However, I don't know who did the poor plug job on his scalp. It all boils down to who do you trust with your money, Obama/Biden or Romney/Ryan.


I agree with you totally Joann..he reminded me of shame with him or the professional campaigner,oops community organizer..either..neither are presidential material.....xoxox good to see you post...

Becky O'Neil

I agree with your opinion but I really didn't expect anything else. The world will so happy when this is over....thinking of you!!


Obama and Biden are both bullies. They run toward mean when they have nothing useful to say.


Oh My... LOL! I sat down this evening after not checking for a while and discovered what a horrible time you have been having...and then I came across your Biden post...and you made me laugh until my daughter came in to see what I found some funny. Showing her had me chuckling all over again. Your right on target...and I find it delightful that in the midst of such pain and hard find time to bring a smile to others.

You remain in our prayers!


Found your blog via your lovely scrappy daughter's. Hope you get well soon and home soon.

I totally agree with this post and am sickened by the outcome of this election.(Will not delve into the corruption here). Cannot believe the damage they have already done to our democracy and economy. I am sickened at the thought of what out future holds for our kids and grandkids. UGH!

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