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June 02, 2012



It's early Sunday morning and thanks to my dog I am up! I was pleased to see you in my Google reader, but so sorry to read that your pain is no better. I hope you can get an injection in your spine soon. I believe it will bring relief as the swelling will be helped. There just isn't enough room for everything going on amongst your vertebrae right now, or that was how it was explained to me.

Once I was able to do the warm water physio therapy, I felt much better. I truly hope this will be an option for you, in your area. Doing traction in the deep end of a pool, with a noodle under my arms for support, legs straight down in the water - ahhhh, it brought relief. As did the exercises down in the water, with the aid of the physical therapist. But this is just my story. As I mentioned before, I had 2 injections, 3 weeks apart.

You will have your own story, when this is resolved. And it will be resolved. Waiting is so difficult. I'm glad you had a visit with your kids, and of course the darling grand-kids!

I feel your frustration - hang in there. Help is around the corner, I'm hoping.

(typed before my first cup of coffee! should probably proof-read!)


*DONE* in the water - ha! I knew I should have proof-read it! I made it sound like you were totally submerged! ha! OK, going to have that cup of coffee now :-)


So sad for you :(


So sorry to hear you are still suffering. I once had a bad bout with the dreaded Sciatica. Now I get it occasionally, but take steps to keep it from getting worse. Hopefully you will have some relief soon!

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