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August 21, 2011



Many congratulations! There's so much to celebrate this weekend, isn't there? Love the photos ... it is amazing how much you and Laura look like each other in that last one with the yellow dress! Enjoy your special day!


Great pictures! You look beautiful and I love the dress and basket of flowers. Didn't realize your anniversary was so close to ours. Happy Anniversary and Happy new granddaughter - they are very special.


Happy Anniversary to you and Bob,Joann..xox :)


I can't believe how similar our wedding dresses were and I got married 8 days after you.

Biddy Kehoe

Belated Happy Anniversary! A happy one with the safe arrival of Clara Louise! Bob's a goner for sure - a granddaughter to dote on as well as Charlie! Where oh where did they both get their cupid bow mouths?


Happy Anniversary. I hope it was a super special day for you both. Love the photos.


Happy Anniversary! We are a bit behind you - just had our 33rd in June.

Thanks for sharing your photos with us - it was a beautiful day!


I always enjoy looking at photos from other people's albums! Happy anniversary to you both. You have all sorts of reasons to celebrate, it seems.

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