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May 12, 2011



I'm tired just from reading it, but glad you're feeling well enough to do it. Our pool is covered with yellow stuff everyday - ugh. And we're having record-breaking heat - double ugh!


You go girl!!!


yes JOANN YAAAH! I am exhausted myself and to tired to explain:) good going my friend...plum forgot it was beach time..

Lisa Adams

i love it. so glad you had a good day, and that the days are getting better. does all of this mean the neuropathy is getting better as well as energy level? thanks for sharing your activities.


Miss JoAnn, I'm going to change what I call you to RockStar JoAnn! You're awesome!!!!! xoxo


Go JoAnn!


I just loved reading every word of this. You Go Girl!!!!!


Just checkin' in - how great to be at the beach. Even BETTER is you charging around getting so much done!! Fabulous! Well done, you :-)


What a read! I do believe the real JoAnn is back in town! And I couldn't be more pleased to hear you are doing so well. As others have said, I'm exhausted just reading it ;-)

R. Honey

Joann is b a c k!!!!!!!! Yea!

Diane@BibliophileBytheSea earned a "bottle" of wine, not a glass....LOL

Is this a summer home or did you make a perm move? enjoy the summer.


That's a lot of work. I'm glad you are feeling up to it.


Gotta say, you got a whole lot more accomplished than I did! Love the purple pot with the oxalis.


Wow! Sounds terrific. Happy to hear you are doing well.

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