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November 11, 2010



This looks yummy. I love Brussel sprouts, but Rich hates them, so will try this when he is gone (somewhere...). Can't wait to hear about the others. Glad your are feeling well enough to cook and eat :)


So are these eaten cold?


I LOVE Brussel Sprouts!! These look amazing. Mmmm - must go buy some soon :-)


The line "Bob and I went to our nearby orchard.." makes me oh so jealous. Fresh really is the best and local is even better still.

As I child I thought that brussel sprouts tasted like flowers. Thankfully my taste buds have matured and I do enjoy them today, although I've never had them in a marinade. Sounds delicious.

gail mealey

What are the portions ofthe olive oil and lemon juice. I love brussel sprouts. I have a roasted recipe I will find and send you.


I do love Laurie Colwin's writing!

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