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March 26, 2010



It's hard to wrap my brain around, just what a huge loss losing Charmer will be. There must be words somewhere to say how sorry I am..but, I don't own them.

diane sorry for all of you. I know how much a part of the family our pets are. HUGS to you.

Steph H

My heart hurts for all that love Charmer. Thinking of all of you.


I'm so sorry! big hugs to your family JoAnn.

Stephanie Vetne

Thank you for the comment on my blog. :) And I am so, so sorry about Charmer. :( I have watched her online for years (from knowing Laura in the scrapping world) and my heart is breaking for all of you.

Sorry about Charmer!


I'm so sorry. Bless Charmer and bless you for having provided her with such a good life. She'll be missed but she's been such a great friend and brought a smile to so many faces she will never see.


JoAnn...I feel for you. It is such a sad and hopeless-feeling time.

susan schaffer

JoAnn, I'm thinking of you, and I am so sorry to hear your sad news!

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