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December 22, 2009



Now that is a lot of snow :) Your bird feeder looks like one that just might really be "squirrel proof"??? I haven't seen on like that.

Happy Holidays


It looks like a winter wonderland..we had about 7-8 inches..great pictures...I just love Charmer...our "Buddy" use to love the snow too... MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010..

Nancy Martin

What kind of bird feeder is that? It looks like it would be hard for squirrels to get into.

JoAnn Kirk

What kind of bird feeder is that? It looks like it would be hard for squirrels to get into.

it is one of the brand-name types from Wild Birds Unlimited. It was $123!!! The feeder itself is encased in a cage which you remove to fill the feeder. We have a pole/arm screwed into the deck railing and hang the feeder from the end of it. I apply Vaseline copiously to the arm to keep the squirrels and raccoons off of it.

Laura and Ken have a bird feeder with a weight-sensitive tray on the bottom. If a squirrel jumps onto the tray, its weight makes the tray spin and the squirrel goes flying off. It is a riot.

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