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November 21, 2009



I enjoyed reading your responses to this meme. Funny, when my kids were little I read mostly Danielle Steel type novels, and now I can't stand them...LOL

I also find it strange when you visit someones home and don't see any books, but then, I'm way over the top with 600.

Have a great week


I concur with many of your statements JoAnn. I have found the 50 page rule to be very liberating also!! Happy Reading in 2010!!

Nancy Martin

This was so interesting to read.


I enjoyed reading this too. I used to read lots of romances but no longer do. My favorite thing to read now are mysteries. I am working my way through Dick Frances, The Jack Frost series and discovering new to me English authors. I agree-just nothing better than reading a good book.


Great list! I'm in total agreement on the 50 page rule, your foodie authors, and my curiosity about the books (or lack thereof) people have in their homes. I'm going to have to check out Frances Parkinson Keyes - I've never heard of her!


I have hundreds of books (thousands if the kids' books count) but they are all on bookshelves in my bedroom (or closet) so no one ever sees them. Now I'm wondering if people wonder about me when they are over. :)

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