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October 13, 2009



Wow, JoAnn! You and your friends look great! And your alma mater - my, oh my, what a gorgeous school. Have you ever heard the phrase, "They don't build 'em like that anymore?" :)

Nancy Martin

Sounds like so much fun and that school is just beautiful all lit up like that.

Miz Honey

What school in Del. is that?????? A huge addition was added to Lower Merion when I was a soph. in say 1966. Now they are building another new "school"! The buildings were a horror no matter what! New or old.
I do remember the word engraved on the entrance"Enter To learn,Go Forth to serve"!!!!!!


What a beautiful building. My high school is a middle school now too but it looks nothing like that.


What a great pix. I think it is so great when people are still involved with former classmates. Not the case with me :(

I loved the tip about Iassac' pills

Dani in NC

That is a gorgeous building. My husband's old middle school was turned into a luxury apartment building and to my mind, it is still one of the most impressive building in town. There is nothing like classic architecture.

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