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October 07, 2009



I am dying to know if it will work on wood laminate. That after picture is amazing! My heart is palpitating just thinking about it:)

Miz Honey

Ok,I am going out to get this this week! Is it sold at say the Acme or Home Depot??? You know I have teak in the kitchen and family room. The kitchen floor gets spotted there from the insane ice thing on the fridge that is haunted by a throwing ghost. Then there is the door to the deck and Tom and Will going in and out and not wiping feet! I was using the pledge stuff but it leaves steaks if something wet falls on it! What I did do is use lots of old sweats,pjs and tshirts and cut them into the exaxt side of a swifer. Put it on the swifer thingie and it cleans much better than one of those which must be pretreated with something that also streaks.


Your post came at exactly the right time! I have used and loved Holloway House Quick Wash for my hardwood floors for years, but they recently changed the formulation to make it more *green* and now it's like cleaning with water. I've been looking for a new cleaning product for my floors. Heading to Google right now!

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