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July 23, 2009



Oh Charmer -- you sweet thing! You just hang in there, girlie -- things will get better soon! Sounds like there is an excellent Dr. in your near future -- maybe one that has some good news for you -- we hope so!

We are thinking of you here -- Liberty is joining you in a Golden Recovery program (although that makes it sound like you two are drug addicts -- which we all know is not true!)... While you're laying on the floor in PA, Liberty is laying on the floor here in IL -- and you're probably both thinking about the squirrels outside!

Feel better soon! We're rooting for you!


Liberty, Ellie, and Scout!


LOL, I like the idea of a Golden Recovery Program. Maybe we should start fundraising now??


Sweet Charmer! I'm so glad she's getting some respite care with you, Bob and Isaac. I'm glad to hear she's walking around and wanting to go places other than her designated "apartment" (though I'm sure it is one fine place with lots of amenities!). Please let us know how the vet visit goes tomorrow.


How did the vet appointment go?

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