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July 29, 2009


Nancy Martin

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel so much better now. And what about the seizures? Has she had any? I think she looks great and I'm sure this is such a relief to Laura.

Ellie & Scout & Liberty

Dear Charmer,

You look WONDERFUL! Tell your Grandma and mama that the stiffness is common -- and when Logan had her ACL surgery she got over that within a few months...

We are SO glad that you are feeling better!

We agree with Nancy -- we think there should definitely be more Charmer updates... :-)

After months and months of not posting, our mom finally updated her blog... she's been thinking a lot about Liberty... so the update post is all about her. We are a little jealous, but mom took us to the dog park this morning, so we know she really loves us too.

Keep getting better -- you look wonderful!


Ellie and Scout (& Liberty, who is asleep on the deck).


That first picture makes me miss her SO MUCH. I can't wait to nuzzle her.

Nancy Martin

Laura --

You can thank me for the pics. When does Charmer go home??? We want full reunion pics.


Oh my gosh..I finally got to look at your site..Charmer you sweet girl you...give her a sqeeze for me please J..I think I'm turning into her now..:) so HAPPY she is better...Wonderful job all of you!!


She is coming home this weekend! We are counting the minutes. :)


Poor Girl!! I hope she doesn't have to go through this again!!

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