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July 25, 2009



I'm so relieved that your vet gave Charmer a good report. Vivian's dizziness is much improved as of the last two nights, so hopefully Charmer's body will adjust to his seizure meds similarly in the next day or so.


Dear Charmer,

Girlfriend, you just do everything that your Grandma and the Vet say -- even if it is kind of boring. You know, though, I find that when my mom just sits down beside me and pets me and talks to me -- that makes all the laying around much, much better.

Tell your mom that there is a really good book of essays called "Old Dogs" by Gene Weingarten that my mom thinks she might really like (since she's such an avid reader an all...). Here is an excerpt...

"Puppies are incomparably cute and incomparably entertaining, and, best of all, they smell exactly like puppies. At middle age, a dog has settled into the knuckleheaded matrix of behavior we find so appealing—his unquestioning loyalty, his irrepressible willingness to please, his infectious happiness. But it is not until a dog gets old that his most important virtues ripen and coalesce. Old dogs can be cloudy-eyed and grouchy, gray of muzzle, graceless of gait, odd of habit, hard of hearing, pimply, wheezy, lazy, and lumpy. But to anyone who has ever known an old dog, these flaws are of little consequence. Old dogs are vulnerable. They show exorbitant gratitude and limitless trust. They are without artifice. They are funny in new and unexpected ways. But, above all, they seem at peace."

Well... it's time for this old dog to hobble on into the kitchen so that my mom can give me my medicine (I take a LOT of medicine these days... but the good news is that I am walking better... so I think it is helping me). Hang in there, Charmer... I think you are probably over the worst part. Now let the heeling (I mean healing!) begin!




Dear Charmer,

Glad to hear you are feeling better and the vet said you were mending well! I remember when I had my ACL surgery, Cam and Gail kept me on lock down for my own good! But it worked-it feels like that was so long ago, I turned 16 on Saturday - can you believe it! Retirement in California is treating me well but I have slowed down with my age! Love your new brother, Charlie - he is too darn cute!
Have fun at your grandma's house!


I haven't read till tonight, not on computer till yesterday and only a couple emails..checked your site and WOW..I am so happy about Charmer..thats the best news of all...we love you Charmer.....can I come stay for rehab someday soon? two seem to do a great job:)lol

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