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March 31, 2009



It could be much worse! Our babies (4 year old twins) are staying with my parents three hours away....while we watch the pumps and sandbags in our backyard, and wait for a second crest of the Red River in a week-ten days. I cracked the crown on my front tooth, and my dentist if fighting to save his house on the Wild Rice River south of town. All of the above means I have to cancel our reservations for Easter week end in Chicago and find a way to get the college kids home for at least 48hrs. Not an easy thing to do when you live in Fargo, ND. But....I'm not complaining...we have several friends who lost their homes, only to walk away to pitch in and help others.


J, it is neat when ya crack open an egg and find two yolks..we have new larger eggs here now(how does the chicken do it) and all are suppose to be two yolks...well they don't and they cost a little more too......Sorry for the problems your having that way Trish..been seeing it on the news, my heart goes out to everyone there..I dont personally know anyone there...I just can't imagine..the heartache everyone feels your way:(


never had two yolks ever...sorry about the anxiety you had to go through..hope the rest of this week is uneventful!!


The first double-yolk I ever saw was on Easter. I thought that was a good omen!

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