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December 05, 2008



Quite lovely and relaxing to look at. I'd like that painted directly on my wall.


You're losing credibility with me when you claim not to be artistic. That painting is really good! Nice job!


I agree with Eloise! I told you before you have to have some talent to be doing what you are doing. I, on the other hand,........never happen!!


I like it too. I didn't know you painted.


Wow....that's really beautiful!!

Staci Taylor

This is pretty!! My friend started taking lessons a couple of years ago and she paints beautifully!! You're very talented!


Simply lovely have been holding out on us.:)


Congratulations on a charming painting, JoAnn.

barbara soulier

Lovely painting, JoAnn. I'm not surprised, as over the years I've watched you create artistic pieces using needles to paint. You've got the creative gene and you use it!

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