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January 29, 2013


R. Honey

We are all thinking of you and wishing for strength and improvement.
We are all woefully in adequate in expressing anything.


How could you not be depressed? Your body is wracked with chemo, blood counts low, scared... I wish i could come sit with you. I am so sorry you are so miserable. It's been such a long time to feel this way. I have nothing to offer but affection and sympathy. I hope so much that the end of chemo will allow you to gain strength and heal. I hate what's happening to you.

Gail bailey

Joanne you are so amazing. Taking time to inform us if your condition is the most selfless thing on the world. My prayers and thoughts are with you daily. Love and miss you. Gail

Gail bailey

My spelling sucks. Ha


Thank you so much for the update. Sending continuous prayers and many, many hugs. I feel sad that you have to go through this. Think the decision to end chemo, at least for the time being makes sense. You and your body need a rest. Wish I could do something, but please know you are in my thoughts daily. Love, Margaret

Rosely Robinson

I keep you in my prayers always. Miss you my friend.


Words cannot express how much I wish things were different. My prayers and good thoughts are with you. Anytime you might need or want company, let me know.

Cathy davis

I have no words but I love you and am praying for you

Jerry Gold

I admit I live in the past too much, but can't help but think of growing up with you at P, S,
You were tough then and tougher now. See you in 2014.

Grace Kirk

Hope you get stronger,especially with the break from chemo.
Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.
Much love., Grace and Bruce


Of course you are depressed - it is more than one person should have to bear. I am glad for the break from chemo. As someone said above we really can't express properly our concern and support. But you have it. Love, Susan


You stay in my prayers. Keep resting and getting stronger. If I know anything about you at all it's that you aren't done fighting. Love & hugs!

Jean Austin

Don't give up. We are all here praying and rooting for you. What an amazing group of friends writing to you. I hope you can feel the love pouring out to you. I pray that all this pain finally relents and that you get stronger every day. I'll take the 35% and I. Believe you will be cured. Will write you a long email tomorrow. Love jean


I hate it when doctors give you a percentage. Pay no attention to that-they are always wrong. I picture you at 100%, healthy, vibrant and enjoying life. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Cissie Wellons

Dear Jo -- Happy for an update, even if it is not all good. Concentrate on the positives if you can. Praying hard for you and hoping for a more uplifting account soon.

Jolynn Parnham

Can't imagine going through what you are. It is amazing to me that you write and keep us informed when you are feeling so down. I wish I could send you some contentment, some strength, some enjoyment. Since I can't, I will continue to send you prayers.

Pat Farren

My dear friend,
First of all you are AMAZING to stay in touch & inform everyone about your ordeal.
Had no idea that you were back in the hospital- stay strong, know that you have all the lov & prayers of your family and friends.
Stay postivie my dear friend.
Lots of lov

Vicki Morgan

I am heartbroken that you are still going through this hell that you've had to endure for so long. I will continue sending you prayers and good energy. Hope you start feeling better soon with a break from the evil chemo.

Karen H

You are in my thoughts and prayers.


You are in my prayers as always, keep a stiff upper lip if you can, Hugs


I'm glad you're going to take a break from the chemo. You need the rest, and a time to heal. Keeping you close in my heart and prayers.


Thinking of you often and hoping for great improvement soon. I imagine you stronger and able to once again enjoy both the great and small pleasures of life - family, books, movies, friends.

Mary Coral Murphree

Think about you often during the day. You are one strong woman. Loving you


I am so sorry for all of the pain & hardship you are currently facing. I keep covering you and your lovely family in prayer and hope you will be home soon.


Darn! I love hearing from you but hate what I hear. I think a break from all that poison is just the thing you need to get stronger. Thinking of you all the time as you go through this hell. xoxo

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