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November 12, 2012



What a lovely joyous surprise! Your whole family ROCKS!

mary ann brennan newcomb

How wonderful!!!


I love this!!! What a wonderful surprise. And good for your soul, I am sure. Charlie = Chicken Soup. Bless you, JoAnn

Becky O'Neil

what special moment, can't take these special times away. beautiful the joy of a and hugs

Ellen Behr

What a sweet, sweet surprise! It looks like Charlie's smile helped you feel warm. XOXOXO


Such a lovely treat for you and I know your spirits were lifted more than anything else could have done. Love the picture. Thoughts and prayers, M


now that was a grand moment Joann...xoxo:),j


Hooray for surprises!!! You are just as much his treasure as he is yours! :) continued prayers!


The best medicine ever!


The pure joy in the room is clearly visible.


Great picture of you with Charlie. He is a sweetheart and you are so lucky to have someone like him to snuggle with. Stay warm and keep getting better and better.

R. Honey

What a wonderful photo! A beautiful gift to you having that sweet,little by to cuddle!


Love this story! It made my heart happy.

lisa adams

I am typing this in my scarf. Chemo makes me cold too. I wish Spring would come faster! I hate cancer. I hate what it's doing to you. There's no real joy in any of it. It's just times when it doesn't suck as badly I think. I'm glad you saw Charlie and know the bittersweet smiles he brought you. I cry many days, but on we go... finding strength where we can. My love to you.


Awesome. And knowing it took 2 people to get him there makes the story so much more special. Your family really does rock!


The best medicine. I love this photo of the two of you

Pat Farren

Hi Jo,
Thank you for taking a minute to speak with me.
GREAT picture of both of you - so much lov from him & all your family.
I hate what this is doing to my dear sweet vital friend.
Always in thought & prayers.

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