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November 24, 2012



Joanne - continued thoughts and prayers.b not a fun way to spend Thansgiving, but sounds like it was necessary. Hope you will be home soon. Take care and wishes for feeling better soon. Love, M


Miss J...thinking about you! xoxo


I was so sad to read this. I hope you are home soon


I'm so sorry you are not feeling well, JoAnn. I find it comforting to think of your Mother telling you it's o.k. to cry, because she is exactly right -- it's o.k. You are going through a long time of testing and hard things and I wish it were not so.

I hope and pray you get your strength back soon. Rest and know that we, your people - near and far - we are rooting for you and hoping and praying and lifting you up.


Sorry to hear this news too. Sending the absolute best wishes I can!

Nancy Vander Vliet

So sorry to read this and hope by now things have improved. You are, as always, in my thoughts. Wishing for better times ahead for you.
Love and hugs.....


I love you too ((((JOANN)))) I think of you always..xox,j


I've just now read this, JoAnn. We are traveling and Internet is not always the best. So sorry to hear about this latest hospital visit. Sounds as if it were necessary though. And I do hope by the time you read this, you are comfortable at home!

I'm glad your Mother was able to contact you and comfort you. Isn't that just like a Mother? You know, she is always near you.

As always, you are in my heart and prayers, even when I'm not here in the comments on your blog. Hope to hear from you again soon.

Karen H

I want you to know I am thinking about you and you are in my prayers. Hope you get out of the hospital very soon. Cancer sucks! You have been through so much--I can't even imagine how to handle what you are dealing with every day.


Wish there was something we could do for you, so know that we are thinking of you.

Gail Rubin

You are on my mind often. I keep checking for your posts and praying for your speedy recovery.


Continuing to pray!


Checking again today to see if you have any good news. Hope this finds you much improved. xoxox


So sorry to read that you are in the hospital. I am sending positive thoughts and prayers your way and know you will be home soon.


((((JOANN))))) here is another hug for you xoxoxo,Thinking of you,j


Thinking of you. xoxo


JoAnn, I have been down with the flu for two weeks and missed your post. I'm sorry to learn you're back in the hospital, but hope you're feeling better by now. How comforting it must have been to have a visit from your mother. I know you were very close. She's right, too, as moms usually are: go ahead and cry. Looking forward to learning how you're doing. You're always in my thoughts. Love you.


I think of you often, JoAnn. Sending you thoughts of peace, comfort, and strength.


Hello, thinking of you JoAnn and sending a quick hello. I hope that you are home and feeling much better. Hugs from Zurich.

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