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October 31, 2012


Mary Ann Morrison

Good. I've been checking every day, so it's good to hear from you. I'm home alone with the animals because they get upset by all of the street activity. As we live in kind of a walled compound, no one can knock on my door! Love that. Rusty is off with all of the kids at Jennie's house. He promised to take a couple of photos for me. Jay had his radiation for 5 weeks, too, plus the Chemo - so far, so good for him. His counts remain where they are supposed to be, and he does a bit more each day. You know my thoughts are with you (and the kids are adorable!) - Mary Ann


Great news. The kids look so cute. I love the
Picture of Clara from behind. Precious.


Hello ((Joann)),always watch for an update from you..since we moved we have no trick or treaters now.sort of friend comes every year,she loves chocolate so she stops by..the twins have braces now,I'll save them some melt in your mouth chocolate....Thinking of you always..Charlie and Clara,simply joy..xoxox.j


Very happy to have an update from you and ecstatic about the CA125 results! Hoping this next round is quiet and uneventful for everyone except stray cancer cells.

That is the cutest firefighter and Dalmatian I've ever seen!


Thank you for the update JoAnn - I am amazed at all that your chemo nurse did for you, and so grateful on your behalf. I'm hoping that the meds and the schedule will work well. Hallelujah for the # coming down! good news for sure.

And those kiddos - oh what darlings - thanks for sharing these adorable photos. Like Eloise above said, cutest firefighter and Dalmatian ever!!

Hang in there -- hugs, Susan in Zurich

Reeves Honey

I am glad things are looking up. Wonderful you could have that great sandwich.
DD Christine home as no power at Rutgers since 3 p.m. Tues. 3,000 kids
evacuated from 2 campus dorms due to no water.
Ocean county where Tom works hit very hard. He MAY go to work today.
West Chester Med Cr. would not admit my FIL as he was not in immediate danger. They were on generator. All hotels and shelters full
anyplace near them. So hospitla social worker found Holiday Inn 71 miles away. So my semi sane SIL set out with her 117 lb.who has bladder cancer,COPD and congestive heart failure,mentally disabled sister and the hospice worker from Guayana. this is what being insane and unorganized brings. I am proud my 21 year old daughter has some genes from my side and thought to fil her gas tank up on Monday!
Your news gives me hope for the future..................

Pat Farren

Hi Jo,
Soooooo good to finally hear from you-thx. You are AMAZING & so is your family. Very good news about your numbers, keep up the good work cutie.
You are in my thoughts & daily prayers. I would lov to chat with you but am unsure of when would be a good time to call.
Those pictures are precious & your angels so cute & growing so quickly.
Always sending lots of lov & hugs.


Thanks for your update and you are one strong lady! I am happy you were able to see your adorable Charlie and Clara. It is so nice having grandkids in cute costumes for halloween. Nice to know Nov. will be a better month for you!


Glad you posted and I hope it will all go well. I hope Christmas will find you back in good form.

Becky O'Neil

I love the pictures of the family they are precious. Be sure to drink alot of water. Your great cream that you sent me really helped the dry skin from radiation. I will be thinking of you. every damn day knowing what a drag it is... hugs to you and your family. Too bad you can't wear your pj's they are easier to get in and out of them......


Thinking of you JoAnn - hoping you are well in spirit. Lifting you up in prayer right now. Hugs from one of your people ...


I finally got my cable, computer, and phone back on after Sandy so can leave a message for you. I've been reading my email on my iPhone (thank God for such wonderful inventions) and was able to read your blog. You are going through so much and staying so strong. I am impressed with your ability to write such details about your ordeals. Enjoy shopping online. I love to shop online and love all the catalogs I get in the mail. I've already got a pile of them ready to do some Christmas shopping when I have some quiet time. Thinking of you every day and sending my prayers your way.

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